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Ritusha Shah
Ritusha Shah
Sr. Web Developer
Hi, I'm Ritu, I'm a web developer and programming instructor living in Ahmedabad. I've been programming for 2 years and absolutely love all things web development! I've built responsive web and mobile applications for HexaCoder and love learning and teaching the latest and greatest techniques. I know some awesome new ways to develop for the modern web!

My skills and experiences range from building responsive mobile sites that work perfect cross-browser to building scalable websites for web industry. I believe in 100% satisfaction in the quality and reliability of the code.

I like flexible working environment and will be happy to work in a team. I less prefer last minute jobs, but, I would be happy to do if that helps someone.

I have a passion for music and dancing. I less prefer to cook food for my own, but I do that for my friends or family sometimes. Travelling around the world is my dream that I'll surely fulfil one day. I wish to do that along with my partner.