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Rachana Patel
Rachana Patel
Web Developer
Hello, I'm Rachana. I have done Master in Engineering and I have 2 years of experience in this field. I have completed my masters by working as a lecturer . But I choose the IT field to work as a developer. This choice made me feel good and satisfy. My strength is html ,css, javascript, bootstrap. I believe in 'Teamwork' and for me coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success. I think dedication is the most important thing in my work. Web developing is a field in which you can growth as per your knowledge and work. I can see the areas of development growing fast and I am boosting my speed to match the current trends and trying to match the level of web development. I can give my best for the better outcome. I will make sure to fulfill the expectations of clients and serve them better than they expected. As we say innovation is the wave of the future. I want to work limitless and make my growth as marvelous as IT Industry itself.

I must say HexaCoder is the best company among all other companies. Environment of HexaCoder is make me feel fabulous. HexaCoder is one family and I feel so lucky to be part of this admirable family. I prefer to have afternoon tea here. My best part with company is 'office trip at vananchal resort'. There is nothing I would see we can improve at this stage, but, if I would be in management, I would suggest few changes like morning prayer, celebrate days, casual leaves and sick leaves.

Personally, I like travelling, cooking and roaming in my free time. I also like to play outdoor games like badminton and cricket. For the food, I just can't live without rice , sweets, ice cream. In my community, nobody eats 'prones', but, I have tasted it and I think it is very delicious. I love to spend quality time with family and if I have a month off, I wish to visit 'Phuket whereas my dream place is 'Maldives'. I would be 'fashion Designer if I'm not in the IT industry. My favorite movie is Mr. and Mrs. Smith.