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Dip Vyas
Dip Vyas
Frontend Developer
I'm Dip Vyas, computer engineer with almost a year experience in this industry. I have a passion to make a creative website. My strength is to solve html and css issue. I would love to be an industry expert that others can go to for ideas, help and strategy. I also like to identify good projects, define goals and objectives, create a timeline and get feedback. I think one day I'll become a professional web designer.

With HexaCoder, I like working in 5 days a week culture. I work here as a part of team and I believe that 'Unity' is strength. . . when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. My best HexaCoder memory is when I started working here, I was only male employee at that time, we have now many employees in both genders at this time.

I can't live without Computer and Tea.