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Shreya Viradiya
Shreya Viradiya
Business Developer
I did my bachelors in commerce with specialisation in Law. Master of Business Administration in Human Resource management and now I am pursuing a Masters of Art in Psychology. My goal is to learn and acquire knowledge in as many fields as possible.

I have 4 years of experience and I am passionate towards giving my best in whatever I do. I think my strength is that I am a very good observant and a quick learner. For me the most important is to believe in doing ethical practice in the Industry like IT where there is a tough competition and deliver the service that builds the trust in client.

I would like to play an important role where every stakeholder of HexaCoder gets equal opportunity to develop themselves. With HexaCoder, I am given the opportunity to develop my skills in different areas which is my favourite part. Here, each and every day is more than a memory.

My friends describe me as 'counselor'. My hobbies includes Painting, Learning, Helping others. I fear that I would feel bad if any of my activity would harm others. I wish I could have a super power to quickly solve any problem. My favorite quote is 'Believe in yourself.' When I'm not working, I learn by observing, communicate with others and learn new things.

I give equal importance to work and life but focus more on the priority of either of these two. If I'm not in IT than I would see myself in either Fashion Designer, Lawyer, Counselling psychologist.

I am very much fond of doing adventures and taking some risk in my life right from my childhood. And I would NEVER choose any other country to live in except India. What inspires me to come to office is that I can do and learn better than yesterday.