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Bhavesh Khunt
Bhavesh Khunt
Sr. Graphic Designer
Hello, my name is Bhavesh Khunt. I am one of the oldest employees of HexaCoder Technologies and I'm a passionate graphic designer. I've joined this company in the year 2014.

I can create designs using various tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, CorelDraw or any other application. I can even create designs using Chalk or Charcoal. I learn to design myself without anyone's help.

I have landed in IT field after working with so many other industries like Diamond, Apparels. It was always my dream to work in the IT field and I'm happy to see myself working in HexaCoder.

I work with various teams in HexaCoder in different types of projects. I try to design every project not just different from each other but better than the previous one. I never get disappointed with number of revisions and my director always has a complaint that I keep working till the level of my satisfaction even though the work has been delivered and approved. I want my designs 'speaks itself'.

I think I'm the most foodie person in my company. I enjoy all types of food without discriminating it by its taste. I love to participate in any activity within the company. Playing cricket is my favorite activity during weekend. I also love watching international cricket tournaments. I can speak for number of hours on some topics, the 'marriage' is one of them.

I'm the person who does not have a goal, but wish to do a lot of things in the life.