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Chetna Sharma
Chetna Sharma
Project Manager
Hi, I am a graduate from Mohanlal Sukhadia university. I have been working as a Project Manager with HexaCoder since July 2017. I love to manage my work with different kinds of people to make the client happy and I feel that it is because of my strength which allows me to communicate with client comfortably and understand there requirement. I think the teamwork is all about Co-operation, different ideas and common aim so that my top priority is always 'Co-operation and Coordination'. Utilising these skills in work, I would like to see myself as a Managing director in a multinational company.

At present, my daily work is to study the project thoroughly to know pros and cons of it. So, I can deliver the best result to the client. My growth role is to give my 100% to my work.

My favorite part about HexaCoder is friendly working environment. My best part was my interview, it was raining heavily outside and both my boss was in shorts so I could not stop smiling for a long time.

I usually don't like to talk about myself. A few things I can tell are I am big Foodie and I like Tea, but I am trying to avoid it. I just don't like my body get addicted to something. I also like Puppies.About food, Sorry, I can't mention only one food name, some of them are PaniPuri, Dal rice etc. that I like most. I don't like Non-veg, It is out of my comfort zone. My hobbies are Dancing, shopping and eating. And my favorite outdoor activity is holiday with family. The only fear I have is to be alone in the world. I wish to have some kind of superpower to be 'Invisible', so I see others, but they don't see me. My favorite quote is 'Time never comes back'. I love watching movies when I are not working and 'Thor' is my favorite Avenger. If I have a month off and money is not a constraint then I would like to go for World tour, but before that I wish to own my house. And I wish to spend most of the time of my life in India.